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Our Energy Advisors & Project Coordinators take
care of design, installation and activation so you
don't have to. Communication from start to finish.

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Worry-free, done-for-you service

Our customers consistently commend our process for its efficiency, simplicity, and seamlessness. We help you find the right solar solution to your energy needs. We are not a big box supplier offering cookie.

Our dedicated team takes care of everything.

You will have a personal coordinator overseeing your entire project, handling everything from financing and design to permits, installation, and beyond.

Stay updated at every stage.

Through weekly check-ins from our team, you'll remain informed about your application approval progress and install timeline at all times.

Proactive support in case any questions or issues arise.

With our team's extensive experience and expertise, we can promptly offer solutions to tackle any challenges from the utility company.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the process.

With our team handling the entire process, all you need to do is provide a power bill and sign the papers – the rest is taken care of!

Modern solar designs that complement your home.

With Direct 2 Home, you receive a solar system that not only delivers power, reliability, and efficiency but also boasts an appealing and stylish appearance.

Modern panel design

Your personal coordinator will manage your entire project, from financing and design to permits, installation, and more.

Discreet look & feel

Instead of an exposed conduit which can disrupt the beauty of your home, our installers run all conduits through the attic for a more discreet look. Your home is your largest asset and our number one priority.

Aesthetic placement

Instead of scattered or untidy-looking panels, we ensure your solar panels are organized in a way that complements your home, creating a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Finishing touches

Our install team is driven by excellense. When a job is done right you just know it. We arrive on time, we clean up when were done, and we deliver as expected.

D2H Solar

Efficient & powerful

At D2H Solar we prioritize the efficiency and dependability of your solar panel systems by exclusively deploying the tier 1 manufactures with the latest cutting-edge solar technologies in the market. We can show you the best options available in your area.

Maintenance & Service Included

Our suppliers offer equipment  delivered with lifetime service and support. You need just investing in power, your investing in support.

High Efficiency Panels That Last

Direct 2 Home sources the best solar panels in North America, ensuring peace of mind through long-term reliability.

Comprehensive customer support before, during, and after installation.

With our extensive experience and expertise, we can offer solutions to overcome any potential challenges. Re-roofs, Tree Removal, MPU Upgrades, Meter Relocations & more...

Local company with reliable support.

Your appointed Energy Advisor will guide you through your transition to solar energy. Rather than a 1-800 number, you connect with actual individuals who are here to help.

Friendly, professional & knowledgeable team.

With Direct 2 Home, you’re not just getting solar expertise, you’re getting a team who truly cares about your needs and will go above and beyond to help.

Protected by industry leading product warranties & guarantees

Premium Panel

Your premium solar panels are protected for 25 years and guaranteed to produce a minimum percentage capacity 92% or more for 25 years.

25-Year Microinverter

The microinverters that power your system are protected for 25 years by the manufacturer, Enphase.

10-Year Workmanship Guarantee

Any work carried out on your home during the installation, including activities like rigging, drilling, and more, is protected under coverage for an entire decade.

Complete Confidence Warranty

Unlike other solar companies, whose warranties may involve hidden charges and lack coverage for panels, inverters, racking systems, and monitoring hardware and software, we provide a single, all-encompassing warranty for all SunPower parts and labor. Simplifying the process with just one call in case of any issue.

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